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Sara has been a yoga practitioner for over twenty years

Using yoga, meditation and the power of the breath for most of her life. As a small child her mother would use the breath, yoga nidra, and body scan mediation to help her relax when she couldn’t sleep.

Throughout her life yoga became the one constant that saw her through the ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ moments. “More tears have been shed on my mat than anywhere else”. She learned that coming back to her mat would always bring her back to herself..

The word ‘Yoga’ itself means to ‘yoke” or to unite.

The process of yoga is to unite or to reconnect to ourselves. Yoga brings us into the present moment, the only place life truly exists. By being present on our mat, without distraction and only ourselves to contend with in each and every moment, we learn to meet ourselves more fully. We learn to be with those uncomfortable parts of ourselves, and in doing this we raise our conscious awareness, so we can dive deeply into who we really are., 

As we practice, we begin to shed the layers, we learn to meet ourselves with more love and compassion, allowing for joyous moments to trickle in. Yoga is a beautiful journey of unravelling, and unwinding towards our own true nature. Thats not to say it won’t be messy at times, but it will also be joyful. I promise, you will not be disappointed!

Discover the Transformative Power of Yoga:
Holistic Approach, Inclusivity, and Joyful Practice

The benefits of yoga are widely known. When we first decide to try yoga, we do so because we know, intuitively, on some level, it will do us good, beyond what we may be able to comprehend at the time. That’s how it was for me, Everyone’s experience is different, but the benefits are always there. 

We offer a holistic approach to yoga, with our roots firmly planted in the Hatha yoga tradition, from which most modern styles of yoga originate. Classes are inclusive and accessible for all. Each class will typically marry the practice of Asana, pranayama and Kriyas, to leave you feeling stronger, more nourished and with a deeper sense of grounding. 

Despite the implied seriousness of the above explanation, classes are dynamic, fun and lighthearted, with an emphasis of meeting yourself wherever you are in any given moment, no pressure! The more we nourish ourselves on the mat, the better able we are to meet whatever is in our lives, from and more ground and centred place. 

"There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy"


Our classes combine pranayama (breathe), asana (posture), mediation, mantra, mudra relaxation to body-mind back to a state of balance, leaving you feeling more calm, grounded and centred and able to face the day. Raise your level of conscious awareness so you can move through life with more ease.

Find your inner power and strength, tap into your true nature and vital energy to connect more fully with who you really are. In yoga we marry the practice of Asana (postures), Pranayama (breath), mindful mediation and relaxation, to forge a deeper connection with ourselves, others , and the world around us. We offer weekly classes that are lighthearted,  dynamic, supportive & inclusive of all, whether you are a novice or a seasoned yogi, everyone is welcome.  Namaste x


Teen Yoga offers a yoga practice specifically designed with teenagers in mind. Its a practice that supports and honours the mind, body, spirit and journey of a teenager.

Specifically designed to build strength, resilience, empowerment, self-awareness and promote connection with themselves, others and their environment. we want to enable them to develop the right tools to advocate for their own health and wellbeing.

Our mission is to cultivate a kind, compassionate, secure and non-judgemental culture that allows teen essence to flourish. Classes are lighthearted, fun and dynamic, as well as being a safe supportive space for whatever they bring to class.


Reconnect with your physical, mental and emotional strength, your own innate playfulness of your inner child, This practice is fun, but at the same time accessing the powerful therapeutic benefits we gain from inversions.

The yoga trapeze has its roots in Iyengar’s rope work.The premise is that the yoga trapeze is used as a tool to enhance the accessibility in areas of classical yoga that require particular strength or flexibility, such as inversions and backbends.

The yoga trapeze can allow you to access an inversion posture or a back bend, that may be normally inaccessible when there is gravity to contend with. It can be a hugely supportive tool in a more passive way. That said thought it is still a strong practice. This practice will build strength, resilience, flexibility, confidence, self awareness and self compassion. if you are unsure, contact me to book a 1-2-1 and try it out.