Combined Therapy
in Totnes

Talk & Breath Therapy in Totnes

Integrative Combined Therapy
In Totnes To Support Your Life

We all know that talking has been used for years as the primary and powerful tolls for healing in the western world. 

There is great power in speaking one’s truth out loud and being truly heard, received and validated

Talking therapies have evolved greatly in the past 50 years and it is now widely known and accepted through the work of world renowned therapists like Peter Levine and Gabor Mate, that for us to truly process and work towards full healing, we must also work with the body. There are many forms of effective somatic therapy these days that can adjusts with this. 

The body is an archive for everything that has ever happened to us, It is essentially a storage facility for everything we have ever experienced in our lives. 

And so, on this premise if we now know that if we don’t deal with and heal from our past traumas through working with the body, that they it can come out sideways either through out mental health as things like stress and anxiety, or on a complex physiological level as some form of disease (did-ease) in the body. For example – auto-immune diseases, heart disease etc, stress, anxiety, depression, nervous breakdown. 

This means that in order to heal from trauma (and every person on the planet has experienced some level of trauma) then we must also work with the body. 

There are multiple ways in which this can be done with combined therapy in Totnes. 

The Power of the Breath for Healing and Self-Regulation

One of the most effective ways of working with the body therapeutically is to use and work with the breath. Breathwork or working with the breath as a tool has been used for thousands of years and has recently had a renaissance as the science and research into its power for healing has began to catch up with ancient wisdom.

The breath therapy is the single most powerful and accessible tool we have within us that has the power to immediately change our state of being, both on a physiological, psychological and emotional level.

It can be used to release and heal trauma, support anxiety and depression and stress, self regulate and support our own nervous system, increase our energy levels or support us in sleep. The list goes on.

Benefits of Combined Therapy in Totnes

We will will work with a powerful combination of integrative talking therapeutic tools where we draw on different techniques and with the breath to not only support the release and healing of trauma but also to give you your own toolbox so you can learn to self regulate and manage your own emotional, psychological and physical well-being.

The work we will do is deep, profound, effective & empowering and will take you into a deep level of healing and up level your life, so you can lead a more peaceful, regulated existence and build resilience and self-awareness.

Each session is client led and works within a strict ethical framework set about by the governing bodies of the trainings completed for this work.